REF: Covid-19

REF: Covid-19

Recent events have affected almost everyone, no matter what business we are involved in. The communication satellite market has fortunately been less affected by the shocks, a reаction to which left many victims behind.

Unfortunately, most of the major events and business forums, a platform where the principles of business relations of market participants being built, turned out to be subjected to the administrative adjustments, as a result of which the plans of many companies were not implemented to the extension previously presumed.

This somber fact could not affect the mood of our project managers and engineers, related to the implementation of main contractual obligations undertaken by the Belintersat. We had to take a number of measures to curb the spread of the virus and ensure a healthy work environment for the most sensitive to the pandemic.

Herewith, we’d like to assure all of our former, present and future customers, agents, partners and even competitors that the entire Belintersat team is positively motivated to go through this difficult time and is absolutely prepared to continue engaging to their commitments!

Belintersat Team


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