BELINTERSAT-1 satellite

BELINTERSAT-1 is a Belarusian geostationary communications satellite. It was developed and manufactured by the Chinese Academy of Space Technology (CAST) and launched on 15 January 2016 from Xichang, People’s Republic of China, by a «Long March 3B» launch vehicle.
The spacecraft is based on the DFH-4 satellite platform (China) with a service life of 15 years. It is placed at 51.5°E in geostationary orbit and provides satellite communications and broadcasting services for an area in eastern Europe, central and eastern Asia and Africa.
The payload (transponders) for BELINTERSAT-1 was supplied by «Thales Alenia Space» (France-Italy), a recognised world leader in aerospace product development and manufacture.

Platform size

length - 2.36 m.
width - 2.10 m.
height - 3.6 m.

Satellite launch mass

5223 kg

Solar panel size

length - 12.16 m.
width - 2.36 m.

Solar panels convert solar energy to electrical energy for power the satellite. And in turn, the satellite vehicle slowly rotates the solar panels to keep it permanently aligned with the sun.
The satellite’s mission control specialists constantly monitor continuous communication and periodically correct its orbital position in order to keep it in the specified position.
The satellite must orbit in the direction of the Earth’s rotation, at an altitude of 35,786 km above sea level. This altitude gives the satellite an orbital period equal to the period of the Earth’s rotation relative to the stars (sidereal day: 23 hours 56 minutes 4.091 seconds).
The spacecraft is in continuous beaming mode, its signal takes just over 0.1 second to reach Earth.
The satellite carries transponders – the spacecraft’s transmitting and receiving radio unit designed to retransmit signals – 20 C-band transponders and 18 Ku-band transponders.

Payload data

Band Beams TPs quantity TPs bandwidth, MHz Polarization
C African 6 to 16 36 circular
Global 2 to 4
Eastern 2 to 12
Ku African 12* 36 linear
European 2
4 54
* “Cross-strapped” option (uplink in Europe – downlink in Africa only) – 4 transponders.

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