The Flight Control Centre and Teleport

The activities of the specialists in the Ground Control Centre are aimed at providing quality telecommunication services. The Ground Control Centre includes:

The Flight Control Centre

The Flight Control Centre (FCC) is responsible for the continuous task of controlling, monitoring and maintaining the specified technical characteristics of the satellite’s on-board systems and units as they are launched, put into operation and operated.
The main tasks of the FCC are:
Deputy Chief of Technical Affairs

Vitali Bahamolau

Deputy Chief of Technical Affairs
  • Determination and implementation of the company’s policy in matters of technical operation of the NSSC
  • Development of action plans, instructional and methodical documents on operation of the NSSC
  • Interaction with enterprises and structural units of the company on issues of the NSSC operation
  • Organization and holding of seminars, meetings and consultations on issues of the NSSC operation
  • Organization of proper operation of machinery and equipment.
Flight Director

Valery Khatko

Flight Director
  • Verification and approval of lists of telecommands to be sent to the satellite
  • Planning of satellite control operations
  • Analysis of technical status of the satellite
Satellite Control Center

Pavel Starovoitau

Deputy Station Manager – SCC Manager
  • Control of the satellite and ensuring continuous communication with it
  • Ballistic and navigation support of the mission
  • Planning of activities, analysis and control of the satellite’s technical status
  • Development and technical support of satellite projects
  • Development of international technical cooperation on the operation of communication satellites


Egor Zonov

Head of the Orbit Engineering Group
  • Planning of the satellite’s orbit control on all time scales (monthly, yearly)
  • The satellite’s actual orbit determination and prediction
  • Calculation of required orbit control parameters for station keeping maneuvers
Antenna and RF Equipment Department

Sergey Kravchuk

Head of the department
  • Ensuring trouble-free and correct operation of RF equipment, antennas and antenna systems
  • Ensuring timely maintenance and repair of RF equipment, antennas and antenna systems
  • Collection of information for effective implementation of tasks


Satellite Ground Application Centre – Teleport is to provide satellite services for communication and broadcasting using the resource of BELINTERSAT-1 and/or other geostationary satellites.
The main tasks of the department are:
Ground Application Centre

Andrei Yanovich

Head of Ground Application Centre
  • Study and analysis of information and technical data on the areas of work of the center
  • Coordinate the work of departments within the center
  • Participation in international meetings related to the activities of the center


Evgeny Grabun

Head of the Communication Operations Control Centre
  • Monitoring of the satellite’s frequency and power resource
  • Ensuring trouble-free operation of measurement equipment
  • Calculation of satellite communication link budgets
  • Admission of users to the satellite’s power and frequency resource
Телефон: +375 (17) 169 66 99


Etienne Shegidevich

Head of TV and VSAT Department
  • Reception and quality control of input signals from TV broadcasters and radio stations
  • Processing, coding and multiplexing of TV signals
  • Adding electronic program guides to TV channels of the program package
  • Transmission of complete program packages to the satellite
  • Traffic control
  • Monitoring of TV signal received from the satellite for evaluation of quality of transmitted program package
  • Organization of VSAT networks
  • Provision of terminal equipment to VSAT users and instructing them on the terms of use
  • Installation and network connection of VSAT terminals
  • Control of VSAT terminals operation, monitoring of VSAT networks status, continuous maintenance of proper operating modes and technical parameters
  • Processing of VSAT network users inquiries
Телефон: +375 (17) 555 32 06
In order to improve the quality of services provided to customers, the company has organised 24/7 monitoring, an electronic security system, autonomous generators in case of breakdown of power lines, automatic fire detection and extinguishing systems, conference rooms, organised storage areas, communication with other operators through fibre optics, etc.

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