Congratulations on the first flight of an astronaut from independent Belarus

Congratulations on the first flight of an astronaut from independent Belarus

On April 6, 2024, Marina Vasilevskaya completed her first space flight and successfully returned to Earth.

Its return is the crown of independent Belarus’s long journey to space exploration. Together with strategic partners – Russia and China – Belarus confidently stepped into space, developing a strategically significant industry. We built satellites, developed mission-critical research equipment, created a mission control center and a national satellite communications and broadcasting system. The finishing touch was missing – our state’s participation in manned space exploration. But thanks to the initiative of President Alexander Lukashenko, this event also happened!

We, the Belintersat team, are pleased to realize our involvement in Belarus’s conquest of outer space and understand its contribution to the development of the domestic aerospace industry. Today, the Belarusian geostationary communications satellite Belintersat-1 provides satellite communication and broadcasting services in areas of Eastern Europe, central and eastern Asia, and Africa.

We are confident that there is no limit to space development, just as there is no limit to space.

We heartily congratulate Marina Vasilevskaya, her understudy Anastasia Lenkova and the entire Belarusian people on such a significant historical event!

We are convinced that our beloved Belarus has many more successful launches into space ahead for our compatriots and impressive achievements of the Fatherland in scientific research of the Universe.


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