World Television Day 2022

World Television Day 2022

World Television Day is celebrated on November 21.

World Television Day is therefore essentially dedicated to the philosophy that television brings to our lives, rather than the technical aspects. Television represents a symbol of communication and globalization in today’s world.

The Belintersat project provides a service for SATELLITE BROADCASTING OF RADIO AND TV PROGRAMS

The usage of satellites to broadcast radio and TV programs is an effective tool to transmit media content to the largest possible audience.

The satellite’s beams specifications cover large parts of Europe and Africa and offer a wide range of video services and solutions at minimal cost to our customers, which include:

  • Signal reception and retransmission services;
  • Satellite digital TV signal distribution services;
  • Digital satellite radio signal distribution services;
  • Digital radio signal transmission services to local transmitters;
  • Digital television signal transmission services and mobile digital television (DVB-T and DVB-H).

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