BELINTERSAT congratulates you on the Constitution Day of the Republic of Belarus

BELINTERSAT congratulates you on the Constitution Day of the Republic of Belarus

Dear colleagues!

Today is a special day in the sovereign life of our country. March 15 marks one of the main public holidays – Constitution Day of the Republic of Belarus.

This year the Basic Law of the country, which has the highest legal force, turns 30 years old. The Constitution of Belarus was adopted on March 15, 1994.

For the first time in the history of Belarusian statehood, this document secured the status of the republic as a unitary democratic social state of law, established the principles of a democratic system, the priority of human rights and freedoms.

Every word in this national document is aimed at proclaiming man as the highest value of a free, fair society. It is the Constitution that is the guarantor of equal opportunities for every person and every family. And our common duty is to take care of constitutional values, to strictly observe the principles laid down in the Constitution, which are the most important factor in the consolidation of our society, the preservation of civil harmony, peace and stability in it.

Congratulations on the holiday, dear compatriots! We wish you good health, harmonious development, success in your professional activities and new achievements! Always remain honest and worthy citizens of your country. And may the rights and opportunities prescribed by the Constitution invariably help you in this.


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