Break the back of a cigarette – say yes to health!

Break the back of a cigarette – say yes to health!

Every year, on the initiative of the International Union Against Cancer, Non-Smoking Day is held on the third Thursday of November. Belarus fully supports the healthy initiative and has dedicated a national information and educational campaign on the prevention of tobacco smoking as a risk factor for the development of cancer, which takes place in our country from November 13 to 19, 2023, to coincide with this day.

The team of the state enterprise “Precision Electromechanics Plant” joins the republican action and tirelessly strives to take various measures aimed at combating tobacco consumption. The company has set up a “Health Corner” and holds thematic conversations about the need to take care of one’s own health and tirelessly care for the health of society as a whole.

The point is not only that a smoking person harms his own health. The air around a smoker contains more than 40 substances that may be involved in the development of cancer in other people. Especially when it comes to children of smoking parents. They are more susceptible to various respiratory tract infections than children of non-smokers.

The fight against nicotine addiction should become a constant in the life of every person who still has not been able to find the strength to say goodbye to the addiction.

Before you have the desire to let even a gram of nicotine into your lungs, you must remember that smoking tobacco not only negatively affects a person’s appearance, accelerating aging, but also provokes a number of tumors. According to health organizations, the incidence of lung cancer is more than 20 times higher among men who smoke compared to non-smokers, and 12 times higher among women who smoke. In 87% of cases, smoking is responsible for the occurrence of lung cancer. The same factor also causes a higher incidence of cancer of the oral cavity, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, cervix, kidney, and bladder.

Remember that there is no safe cigarette and no safe level of smoking. The single most effective way to reduce health risks remains to stop smoking.

Quitting smoking at any age is justified because:

  • After 8 hours, blood oxygen levels return to normal; after 48 hours a person gains smell and taste;
  • after 1 month it becomes easier to breathe, fatigue and headache disappear;
  • after 6 months, bronchitis will disappear, heart rhythm will be restored;
  • after 1 year, the chance of dying from coronary heart disease is halved.

Quit smoking! Choose love and care for your health!


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