Visit of the Representatives of “Belintersat” to the Democratic Republic of Congo

Visit of the Representatives of “Belintersat” to the Democratic Republic of Congo

Following the kind invitation of “Africa Union Holdings” Group of Companies Director of “Belintersat” Mr. Sergei Prokopovich, Head of Ground Control Station of “Belintersat” Mr. Dmitriy Zakaliukin and specialist of the Sales Unit Mr. Leonid Fedotov on October 30 – 31, 2019 visited the city of Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo (RDC). During the visit they carried out business negotiations with “Africa Union Holdings” Chairman Mr. James Ndambo as well as the senior executives of “Africa Union Financial Services” Mr. Cholwe Sikakwa and Mr. Stanly Ndetah. The business negotiations focused on the running and future issues of the cooperation presupposing large-scale involvement of satellite system “Belintersat” in the network projects implementation in RDC. The important role of the partnership with “Belintersat” as the provider of the satellite communications and broadcasting services was confirmed on behalf of “Africa Union Holdings” and “Africa Union Financial Services” (“AUFS”). The parties defined the activities aiming at expanding partnership in the near future perspective.

The future-proof projects which included the application of the “Belintersat” capacities were the objects for discussion during the visits of the “Belintersat” “AUFS” representatives to a number of RDC state authorities. They were granted reception by honorable members of the RDC Government: H.E. Minister of State for Communication and Media Mr. David Jolino Diwampovesa Makelele Ma-Mu Zingi and H.E. Minister of State for Posts, Telecommunications, New Information and Communication Technologies and Communication Mr. Augustin Kibassa Maliba At these meetings the high-ranking government officials emphasized the primary importance of the state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure as an economic and political issue and the willingness to support projects, which enable its rapid and high-quality rollout. The business meetings were also arranged at the Directorate General of Customs and Excise (DGDA) as well as with Chief Executive Officer of “Satellite Telecommunications National Network” Mr. Richard Achinda Wahilungula.

Taking account of the long preliminary activities, the mutual trust and the intention to make sufficient contribution to the social and economic progress in RDC “Belintersat” and Africa Union Holdings” Group of Companies are now in possession of the evident chance for the successful implementation of the activities planned at the business meetings and negotiations held in Kinshasa.


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