International webinar on satellite communications development in Africa

International webinar on satellite communications development in Africa

A webinar organized by Russian Satellite Communications Company, which took place on May 28, 2020 was devoted to “Satellite communications in Africa” topic.

The following issues were discussed during the webinar:

1. Sub Saharan Africa – bridging digital divide and increasing digital inclusion. Is satellite the only or the best solution to the problem? Advantages of the satellite communications.

2. Terrestrial technologies and satellite communications: partnership or total replacement of a competitor? How can satellite complement terrestrial networks?

3. LEO future mega constellations – a true disruptor, just another satellite provider, or a huge hype with potential failed expectations?

4. 5G and C-band in Africa. Is there a threat to C-band from 5G in Africa?

5. Looking to the future: Africa telecom landscape. Will there be still a place for satellite? Impact of COVID-19?

Representatives of the IOSC Intersputnik, JSC Azerkosmos and Belintersat were invited as speakers.

Link to the website of the State Enterprise “Space Communications”


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