39,000 kilometers in 1.5 seconds

39,000 kilometers in 1.5 seconds

On April 12, the world celebrates International Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics. As a space-faring nation, the Republic of Belarus has 3 satellites on its orbit: Belintersat-1, BKA and BSUSat 1 (CubeBel-1). Just before the Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics, Dmitry Zakaliukin, Deputy Director of satellite communication development at the “Precise Electromechanics Factory” Republican Production Unitary Enterprise, the head of Belintersat project gave an interview to Belarus24 Channel.

The main topic of the discussion was the development of the national satellite communication system and Belintersat-1 satellite, along with the development of science and economics that are directly related to the space industry. During the interview, Dmitry Zakaliukin drew attention to the importance of professional training, and described in details how the Ground control center operates. He also explained the functioning of satellite communication, in particular that Belintersat-1 satellite is located 39,000 km from Earth, while it takes one and a half seconds for the signal to reach the satellite.

The full interview on Belarus24 channel is available here.


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