July 11 is Alcoholism Prevention Day

July 11 is Alcoholism Prevention Day

Problems associated with high levels of alcohol consumption by the population pose a real threat to demographic security and hinder the sustainable development of Belarusian society and the state. In the republic, work to prevent alcohol consumption is the focus of the state policy of the Republic of Belarus at all levels of its implementation.

Preventive measures are implemented on an ongoing basis aimed at minimizing the negative impact of factors influencing her initiation into alcohol consumption:

  • thematic parent meetings, round tables, and meetings are held to raise awareness of the negative medical and socio-legal consequences of alcohol consumption;
  • preventive projects are being carried out to develop healthy lifestyle skills, safe and responsible behavior (for example, “Education Institution for a Healthy Lifestyle”, “My Lifestyle Today is My Health Tomorrow!”, “My Lifestyle is Health” (for young men ) and “Being healthy is cool!”, etc.);
  • elective classes are being introduced into educational programs aimed at developing healthy lifestyle skills (for example, “Rules in my life”, “Learning to live in peace and harmony”, “Culture of a healthy lifestyle”, etc.);
  • training seminars are held for employees of educational institutions on the prevention of alcohol consumption among students, including training in effective strategies for preventing the consumption of alcohol by minors.

In addition, healthy lifestyle classes are held in city and district health and fitness centers and sports clubs.

Public organizations and associations carry out educational and motivational events for various groups of the population. The Belarusian Orthodox Church, the Belarusian Red Cross Society and others are also involved in the prevention of drunkenness and alcoholism, providing spiritual support to people prone to alcoholism. Public organizations are actively working to rehabilitate people with alcohol dependence syndrome and provide them with comprehensive social and advisory assistance.

As for medical care, the country has 29 drug treatment departments, as well as 28 day care hospitals. In addition to the traditional provision of medical care in the “Psychiatry – Narcology” centers, in specialized hospitals, it is possible to provide drug treatment assistance on an anonymous basis. Traditional methods of treating alcoholism have been replaced by new approaches to organizing comprehensive medical and social care, which make it possible to keep patients in remission for a longer time. In addition, on the basis of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Mental Health, short-term rehabilitation of patients suffering from alcohol addiction is carried out, followed by the possibility of long-term rehabilitation in interaction with public communities.


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